Environmental Policy

Local Tree Care respect that the future management of trees will encompass

  • Educational
  • Biological
  • Cultural and
  • Environmental practices

to assist clients in the long term retention and management of their tree resources. Local Tree Care provide a diversity of environmentally sustainable services to ensure the long term health and survival of our clients valuable tree assets and appropriately manage risk related issues.

Our triple bottom line practices encompassing People, Planet, and Profit are a core focus in the forward direction of our business and in maintaining our responsibility to both the environment and our clients. We believe that our education and experience are resources that should be shared with our clients and wherever possible we provide our clients with advice and recommendations on the practical changes they can make to their gardening practices to ensure the long term survival and improved health of their trees. By reinforcing the triple bottom line we can educate people, focus on changes that can improve the planet and yet maintain a financially viable and profitable business. Both personally and professionally we are committed to the practices associated with the triple bottom line, and we feel that both now and in the future this will become a core facet in the strength of our business.

Our goal is not to be the biggest, just the best.


To formulate sustainable business practices, recognised nationally, that encompass and further develop environmental factors for the future growth of our business.


Trees are self engineering organisms that appreciate in aesthetic value each year. They are a living record of our environment from the time of germination of the seed to present, and are ill equipped to advocate for themselves. We at Local Tree Care respect that collectively we have a responsibility to assist and protect these living organisms for today, tomorrow and future generations.
To achieve this, Local Tree Care are dedicated to conducting ongoing education and research, to consulting and educating our clients on updated information and practices, the formation and implementation of environmentally sustainable work practices specifically relating to:

  • Risk related issues
  • Pest and disease management
  • Soil and roots
  • Plant health care and bio diversity

If you have any questions about our Environmental Policy please contact us.

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